Advanced File Security 4

"Advanced File Security provides a complete and effective solution for protecting your important data. Thanks to its encryption and file shredding capabilities, your information will remain private and secure at all times."

Frederick Barton, software review editor at FindMySoft

Advantages of



Experience encryption to be easier than ever: Just 1-Click is necessary and all your files will get encrypted directly and safely and will be protected against any unauthorized access. Straightforward and fast! [..]

Encrypt your sensitive files, folders, USB drives, harddisk drives or mobile devices securely with the safe 256 Bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption algorithm of AFS 4.
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Are you fed up with always forgetting your 12-place password or to re-enter it always again? With USB-Key you can use your USB drive as a key to your password. No forgetting or mistyping anymore! [..]

USB-Key makes it possible to simply encrypt and decrypt your data without the annoying entry of your password. And if you don't have your USB-Key on hand you can always decrypt your files manually with your password as well.
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Secure Delete

Even the best encryption is useless if you do not delete your encrypted files securely. AFS takes care of all your sensitive data to make sure it won't be recoverable anymore. [..]

In addition you can remove all your traces in the internet safely or delete your recycle-bin, temp-folder or pagefile irrevocably with AFS Secure Delete. Therefore AFS is using the perfectly safe and proof delete algorithms like e.g: VSITR, US-DoD, Schneier and Gutmann.
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AFS Xpress

With AFS Xpress you can encrypt all your data so to you'll be able to decrypt it everywhere again, even if AFS won't be installed on the target environment or if AFS is in use without a valid license key. Simple and flexible. [..]

But in general you are always able to use encryption of AFS even if it's not installed on system, thanks to it's lightweight and portable runtime environment. You even can copy AFS automatically on your USB drive. Thereby AFS offers the most high portability and security.
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