Advanced File Security 4


(05.10.2011) AFS 4 is "Program of the week" at Brothersoft!

Advanced File Security 4 is currently named as "Program of the week" and Highlight-Software at Brothersoft.
(19.09.2011) AFS 4 patch for users without administration rights!

In our download area there is now a patch available with whom you can execute AFS also if you have insufficient administration rights.
If there is a higher request this will be also added into our normal installation setup routine.

To use the patch you have to download it only into the installation directory of AFS4 and extract and overwrite it there.
(05.09.2011) Exclusive AFS 4 special offer: For all AFS 3 customers only $24,95 instead of $39,95 !

Your loyalty is us worth real money. We reward this with a special offer for our brandnew version 4 of Advanced File Security. Buy it now exclusively for just $24,95 instead of $39,95!

All you need to do for is to write us a short mail to with your name and email adress and the number of licences you want to purchase for AFS4.
Then we will send you your personal discount code right back which you can redeem in our online shop. Your discount will be added immediately.
(22.08.2011) AFS 4.0 – The best AFS of all time!

After one and a half year Osborn-Software is back with a brandnew and completely redesigned version of the successful encryption software „Advanced File Security“ zurück. Our existing features have been reworked and improved further more. Additionally AFS 4.0 awaits you with unique innovations – all in all the best AFS of all times!

Who hasn't already forgot one of it's uncountable passwords and has tried desperately all possible variants – without success? The new USB-Key is the solution for this problem! Passwords will be stored encrypted on an USB drive and replaces as physical „key“ the annoying entering of passwords during decryptions. Fast, simple and safe! In combination with the brandnew 1-click-encryption data security will get as simple and convenient – but still effective.

The secure delete of files have been overworked and is now much more versatile. remove all your traces in the internet safely or delete your recycle-bin, temp-folder or pagefile irrevocably with AFS Secure Delete. Therefore AFS is using the perfectly safe and proof delete algorithms like e.g: VSITR, US-DoD, Schneier and Gutmann.

Beside this, AFS 4.0 has gotten a modern and stylish design and thereby neatly arranged and easy to use in all it's variety.

Osborn-Software stands for more then 10 years of experience with security software. AFS 4.0 is the next step on our way for steady improvement and development. Innovative ideas, a complete reworked corporate design and more then 100.000 downloads speaks for themselves.