Advanced File Security 4

Company History

The origin of Osborn Software goes back until 1999, where I began my apprenticeship as IT-Specialist at Atronic International GmbH in Chemnitz and was in favor to have a excellent education there. As part of learning the programming language C++ and development of windows applications I developed a framework and user interface for the encryption algorithm DES in purpose of encrypting any kind of data with it. This was the birth of "Atronic's File Security 1.0" and I think with proud I can say that this was one of the first free file encryption programs at this time. During the time and with increasing experience about windows programming the program got improved more and more and rather early it got a first small kind of fan community.

Due to legal rights problems with the name, the program had to be renamed in version 2.3 to Advanced File Security, like it is known today. The first success story also didn't took very long, AFS received some remarkable mentions in expert and computer magazines as well as in IT Books and of course on countless online download sites. Furthermore it was used in several police and public authorities

Between 2001 and 2003 was a longer development break where the work on AFS was paused. With beginning of year 2004 the project was continued and was financed by voluntary donations. In 2005 another project was started, called QuickPraxis a tool which offers special management and security mechanism for medical practices management. The previous security experience from AFS was very valueable there.

In 2006 the work on AFS 3.0 was started, a complete revised version with a lot of new features and functions. At this time Osborn Software was still ne sideline project and so it took it's time until AFS 3 was finally released in year 2008.

The first time in our history a version was released which had a charge, this lead to the official birth of Osborn Software as a registered company on 01.04.2008.

In 2011 AFS started into the next generation, with beginning of version 4.0 we will follow a new path into the future.