Advanced File Security 4

Secure delete

Even the world's best encryption is completely useless if you don't delete your data safe and securely.

AFS takes care of your sensitive data on your harddrive, USB drive or mobile device and ensures that it won't be recoverable anymore.

Secure delete of files and folders
AFS unterstützt alle gängigen and hochsicheren Lösch-Algorithmen wie: Bruce Schneier, VSITR, US DoD, Gutmann and mehr.

Delete all your traces in the internet, temporary files, office recovery files and your recycle bin - safe and easy!
You also can select user defined paths individually for secure deletion.

Secure delete

Recommend Secure Delete of AFS:  

  • Detailed-Description:

      Remove your files and data safely. Advanced File Security provides following erase-algorithms:
    • Simple Delete (1x overwrite)
    • German VSITR (3x, 7x)
    • US DoD 5220.22M (3x, 7x)
    • Bruce Schneier (7x)
    • and the highest security level: Peter Gutmann (35x)

    • Reliably and carefully you can remove following pre-selected paths:
    • Recycle Bin
    • Temp Folder
    • Office Temp/Recovery Data
    • Internet-Data (supported Internet-Browser: Opera, Chrome, Internet-Explorer, Firefox, Safari)
    • Windows-Pagefile (after shutdown)

    • For all other use cases you can define your own paths easily and as much as you want.

Security easier than ever with AFS and Secure Delete.